Establishment and Development

The company’s activity began in 1950 by the father Mr. Mohammed Barakat, who established the company group under the trade name Barakat Co. for trading several agriculture tools and equipment to fulfil the requirements of the growing Syrian market at that time. The company’s works expanded to cover regional countries such as Iraq, Jordan and Egypt, until the customer base expanded to include a big number of the most important events and economic companies in the Middle East. Which enabled the company to build a trade name trusted by the worldwide industrial companies such as Mercedes and other companies, which entered into an agreement with Barakat Co. and granted it multiple privileges. In 1998, the company made a paradigm shift by Mr. Ala Barakat included new strategies, which targeted wider markets and introduced new services with the cooperation of the biggest companies worldwide.


In the year 2000, The Company expanded its trade activity to include the real estate investment, later; the company as able to take an important position on the field of real estate investment in Syria by converting the empty lands into residential and commercial compounds serviced with the highest standard specifications.


Mr. Ala Barakat continued the successful march, where he mastered working in heavy and industrial equipment and spare parts with the experience he acquired from the Middle East and the European market, where the parent company expanded its operations towards Europe where he laid the first foundation stone in 2008 in the Spanish city of Granada. In 2012, the company was restructured into a diversified group of companies under a new trade name, Hispasur Global Trading Group, in a new head office in Malaga City, where the group included a general trading company, a real estate investment company and a heavy equipment and machinery trading company. New representative offices were opened in Amman and Dubai. Beside the group’s developing activity, the group owned lands with strategic location, which deem an excellent opportunity for business capitals looking for a stable and constant base to build successful and guaranteed results.


Hispasur Global Trading Group offers its investment opportunities with confidence, having successfully collaborating with major European companies such as Hertz, Helle Hollis and others, where it was able to build the infrastructure necessary for the success of business projects to the fullest extent and according to the highest European quality standards.


The core of group success is its ability for continual developing.

Ala Barakat, The Chairman.